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Lena Scales Proven Concierge Care Navigation

Lay-health Navigation has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce avoidable healthcare spend. Lena leverages technology and operational practices to scale these proven models.


Case Study 1
Claims Study Reveals 29% Cost Savings

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Socially Isolated, High Risk, Complex Care Medicare patients.

The Study

Patients referred to Lena in 2020 (n = 68) were observed for their utilization of the ER, Inpatient Admissions, and 30-day Readmissions in the following year (Jan - Jun 2021). Lena users were matched to a baseline group (n = 204) controlling for risk score, demographic score, age, and gender.

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Case Study 2
2-years Data Shows Quality Engagement

Client: Houston Methodist ACO
Time: 22-month Analysis
Sample: 281 lives
Population: High-risk, Complex Care Medicare Patients


Concierge Experience Led to
Breakthrough Engagement & Satisfaction

Giving patients a text-based personal assistant for their health delighted patients resulting in engagement results that are multiples of industry standards for seniors.

Exceptionally Comprehensive Care Navigation

Nearly 1,000 navigations spanning over 10 categories resulted from 4,800 touch points between patients and the Lena Health Assistant.

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