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A Concierge Care Benefit For Seniors

We work with Health Plans and Health Systems to offer older adults and caregivers a Concierge Assistant that improves outcomes, savings, quality and retention.

We sell outcomes-based concierge programs to payors and health systems

Increase access, improve outcomes and decrease costs in your senior population

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Comprehensive Benefits for Your Senior Members and their Caregivers

What Your Patients Get with Lena


Appointment Scheduling

Have the Lena Health Assistant schedule or reschedule appointments with providers, test centers, or even transportation.


Referrals & Finding Care

Lena helps patients find in-network providers, test centers, and care services like vaccinations.


Pharmacy & Refills

Lena simplifies getting medications by helping with refill orders and coordinating with the pharmacy to have them ready for pick-up or delivery.


Finding Transportation

Finding the right transportation with the right budget can be challenging. The Lena Assistant sources local resources so patients have options.


Coverage & Cost

The Lena Assistant helps patients get answers to coverage and cost questions so there are no surprises. No more waiting on hold with call center agents.


Social Assistance

From finding income assistance to available professional services, Lena helps patients find and connect with local community organizations that already exist, but they may not be aware of.


Tech Help

The Lena Assistant can help patients set up telemedicine visits, navigate the web, or use a new tech tool around their home.


Daily Living Errands

Aging independently means sometimes getting help with errands such as installations or cleaning. Lena helps patients find and coordinate support with available resources that fit their budget.


Expand Your Reach & Workforce
Without the Overhead

Without Us

$100k+ to Expand by ~300 patients annually

With an average case load of 70 patients per nurse navigator, an additional nurse can only help expand to a maximum of 300 patients annually.

Expand Social Work & Referral Teams to manage nurse handoffs

Scaling population health nurse programs will require expanding their handoffs as well, meaning more hires and more teams to manage.

Expand Community Partners

Even when leveraging community platforms, navigator teams must build a knowledge-base of community partners and access capabilities.

With Lena

5-10X Population Expansion

Give thousands of patients access to concierge navigation without the overhead of bulky teams.

Single Point-of-Contact Concierge

A direct line to a Personal Health Assistant. One number. No bouncing between departments.

Branded Concierge Experience

Your brand will offer a concierge navigation experience that transforms the patient experience.

Navigation Analytics Reporting

Monthly insights to your population's navigation needs and resource utilization.

Compliance Handled

Compliant safeguards and protocols for care navigation and multi-channel patient communication.


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Eligible Population

We work with partners to identify the population in need - whether it's members or their caregivers

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Member Enrollment

We enroll members and patients through direct marketing or referrals, based on the months of access your team has allocated for the population

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Concierge Navigation

Members and patients engage with the Lena Assistant and receive world class concierge navigation support


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Let's transform the care experience together through tech-enabled concierge navigation that improves outcomes, satisfaction, and value-based savings


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