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Personal Health Assistant
for Patient Care Coordination

Dedicated human personal assistant for patients through SMS-text and telephonic engagement that handles care coordination.


Our Clients & Partners

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The Largest Opportunity in Population Health

Care Coordination of the Rising-Risk Population



Nearly half of care costs are from the Rising-Risk

41%-45% of all health costs are from the rising-risk patient population through increased use of the ED and Hospitalizations.


Traditional Care Coordination is cost-prohibitive

For the average ACO or health plan, scaling care coordination to the rising-risk would require hiring 30-40 new staff members, representing over $2,000,000 in operational overhead.

The Solution

Care Navigation

With a Personal Assistant

Members get a dedicated human assistant augmented by AI for comprehensive care coordination and social navigation. Created for the aging experience.


High Engagement


ER & IP Savings

Houston Methodist Coordinated Care (HMCC)  ACO partnered with Lena Health to engage a notoriously challenging population - the complex care elderly patients.

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How does it work?

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Invitation from  the Care Team or Health Plan

Patient receives an invitation from their care team to join Lena and get a Lena Personal Assistant.

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Matched with  a Lena Assistant

Patients and members are onboarded through an introductory phone call and matched with their Lena Personal Assistant. The Lena Assistant begins building a relationship founded in trust and creates a profile of the member's needs and preferences.

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Patient Requests 
are Handled by Lena

Patients can request tasks via SMS Live Chat or Voice at any time. Their Lena assistant handles their request immediately, looping them in on progress and checking in continuously. T

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Care Plan Guided 

Lena is an extension of the member's care team with deep access to their care plan and critical gaps in their care. The Lena Assistant has their care plan and social needs on autopilot so nothing falls through the cracks.

Lena handles nonmedical needs through care coordination and social navigation to make healthcare simpler and easier

Chat & Voice

Patients can request tasks via SMS Chat or Voice

Patients can text, call, or communicate with their Lena Assistant however they prefer. No need to download complicated or frustrating applications. 

Industry Leading Engagement from toughest to engage elderly population

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Patients engage with the Lena Assistant to request tasks and support for navigating their care and social barriers.

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A twelve-month case study showed  77% of users continued to engage with their Lena Assistant without dropping off or dis-enrolling.

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Warm referrals from providers to the Lena program resulted in 90%+ enrollment success rates. List-based referral and cold outreach resulting in 60%+ enrollment success rates.

29% cost savings validated by clinical study

Patients referred to Lena were observed for their utilization of the ER, Inpatient Admissions, and 30-day Readmissions in the following year (Jan - Jun 2021). Lena users were matched to a baseline group (n = 204) controlling for risk score, demographic score, age, and gender.

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