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ACOs &
Health Systems

LENA can be an extension of your care team as a flexible virtual workforce that augments capabilities to lower over-utilization, improve outcomes, and improve quality scores. Companions take care of patient navigations to increase access to care and care plan engagement as well as targeting social determinants of health of vulnerable populations.


Insurance &


Deploy LENA with your vulnerable populations to close gaps in care, increase member retention, and improve outcomes. By providing a high-touch Health Companion, LENA supports reducing avoidable health spend. Through a heightened concierge Navigation guidance, LENA can support network integrity, improve satisfaction & increase Medicare stars.


Community & Non-Profit Organizations

LENA can be an effective partner to increase your reach and impact by expanding access to your existing services. Health Companions can support communication efforts while reducing staff and volunteer overhead dedicated to outreach and communication. Additionally, LENA can partner for measuring and sharing outcomes of current efforts.

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