Reduce Population Health Costs

with a concierge experience

Plans and organizations taking risk can provide patients with a technology-enabled concierge experience proven to improve outcomes by activating patients.


Improved Population Outcomes

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Patient Cohort Outcomes

Cohort outcomes within 3 months of engagement showed significant impact on avoidable health costs.

40% Loneliness Reduction

Patients turned to their Personal Health Assistants for conversation, support, and guidance. They reported feeling less alone, anxious, and overwhelmed.


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Choose your target population

Whether you know in advance who you’d like to target or want to deploy companions as you identify patients, LENA can be utilized with complex care patients and vulnerable populations.


We take it from there

We take care of enrollment and engagement. No workflow changes, no training needed, and no integration headaches. LENA can keep your care teams looped in or work quietly in the background.


We get paid only when you do

We can take risk with you so that we’re aligned with you in improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing engagement.

Why work with LENA?

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Common Navigation Needs


My meds are making me feel nauseous, can I get them changed?

Side effects are a common reason for prescription non-adherence. Patients often don’t know their PCP can sometimes provide options.


I am scheduled to get my blood drawn. Should I stay home due to COVID?

COVID has raised many questions about what patients should do with their care plan. Getting the right guidance is essential.


My PCP said I need a colonoscopy, but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?

Procedures and tests scheduling fall through the cracks between different specialist offices. Patients are often left in the dark.