Founding CTO


Lena is seeking a Founder Level CTO with a background in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. You should be driven by curiosity and excited at building the next generation of AI technology that will improve the health of millions of people. You must be able to lead a team through highly complex technical builds. You must love and have a passion for speech and text technologies.


Our Mission:

We exist to empower patients in their healing journey through virtual health companions.


Where we’re at:

We’re already live with a major enterprise hospital, finalizing a second health system deployment, and have been backed and participated by UnitedHealthcare+Techstars program. Our partners also include the Texas Medical Center and Startup Health.


We have validated traction and early revenue with an initial product build. We’re looking for a strong and passionate Technological Co-founder to accelerate our growth.


About the Role:

Our CTO will own the technology development and roadmap, including managing a technology budget, hiring and managing an engineering team. As a Founding team member, you’ll have an integral say over how the technology is shaped moving forward. You’ll need to inspire a team to build technology that rivals Google and Amazon.


Ideally you'd have experience with:

• SIP protocol / Twilio


• ML

• AI

• Recording, speech and video technologies


Email alex@lena.io if this sounds like a fit!