A Personal Assistant

For Seniors

We use Artificial Intelligence to scale the human touch and give patients the concierge care experience that they love, improves outcomes, and achieves savings

Artificial Intelligence Enables Lena's 1-on-1 Human Concierge at Scale


Immediate, 24/7 Assistance with Voice & text-based Conversational AI


AI Intent Model Loops in Human Personal Assistant for consistent patient experience


Quality Interactions Ensured with AI sentiment analysis

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Clinical Outcomes

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How It Works


A Lena Personal Assistant Handles Tasks so Patients Don't Have to

Lena Supports Patients with

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Appointment Management

2. icon-finding care.png

Finding Care

3. icon-meds.png

Medication Management

4. transp.png

Finding Transportation

5. icon - loneliness.png

Loneliness: Social Support

6. icon - financial.png

Financial Assistance

7. icon - food.png

Food Accessibility

8. icon - coverage.png

Coverage & Health Costs

9. icon - daily living.png

Finding Daily Living Help

10. icon - tech help.png

Tech Help

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Real Human Connection

The Lena Assistant 
a Call or Text Away

Patients can text, call, or communicate with their Lena Assistant however they prefer. No need to download complicated or frustrating applications. 

How Patients Get a Lena Assistant



Health Plans & Providers offer their patients the Lena Concierge as a benefit.


Patients Paired & Introduced:

Patients meet their Lena Personal Assistant in an introductory call


Ongoing Concierge Support

Lena provides care-plan guided engagement and handles patient navigation requests